Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers all key areas of digital marketing, including SEO, SEM, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and analytics.
  • Industry-Relevant Skills: Learn the latest digital marketing strategies and tools used by industry professionals.
  • Real-World Projects: Apply your knowledge through hands-on projects and real-life business cases.
  • Expert Instructors: Gain insights from experienced digital marketing practitioners and industry experts.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Choose between self-paced online modules or structured offline classes to fit your schedule.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive videos, practice quizzes, presentations, assignments, and discussion forums.
  • Certification: Earn a recognized diploma that enhances your credibility and career prospects in digital marketing.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, mentors, and industry professionals through forums and networking events.
  • Career Support: Receive guidance on resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance.


  • 9 months; (Hybrid Mode – Online + Offline)

    (2 Hour/Day online on any three-week days and 4 Hours offline on weekends)


Search engine ,Google Adwords, Microsite Marketing, Blogging, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social CRM, Tools and technologies of Social Media Analytics (NLP, Text Analytics, Text Mining), Search Engine Optimization, back links, Google Analytics, User Behaviour, Monitoring Click, Web Analytics tools and techniques, Campaign Tagging Reporting, Mobile Marketing Overview, Data Sources, Hyperlocal Targeting, Customer Loyalty.