Program Highlights

This course provides student with the skills and knowledge on

Course Outline

Module 1. – Introduction to Paralegals

  • Introduction to Paralegal and Paralegal Skills

  • Scope of Paralegals in India

  • Need for paralegal skills

Module 2. – Legal Ethics and Responsibilities for Paralegals

  • Concept of Notice- Statutory, public and general

  • Civil Litigation for Paralegals

  • Criminal Litigation for Paralegals

  • Commercial Law for Paralegals

  • Conveyancing for Paralegals

  • Consumer Rights and Remedies for Paralegals

Module 3. – Handling Information & Records

  • Handling different types of Records

  • Maintaining court Diaries and Updating

  • Organizing and Handling Meetings and Appointments

  • Maintaining Client Information and Contact Details,

  • Handling e library

  • Handling Law Books, Periodicals, AIR and Journals

Module 4. – Supervision of Court Cases and Litigation

  • Hierarchy of Courts in India

  • Applications, suits, plaints written statement, Injunctions and appeals

  • Court Registry and its procedure

  • Information about calculation of Court Fees

  • Judicial Paper v/s Non-Judicial Paper

  • Attestations and its types

  • Keeping Case Diary and Reminders

  • Use of technology to manage litigations and court cases

Module 5. – Handling of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Introduction about IPR

  • Types of IPR

  • Setting Reminders in IPRs

  • Application for Filing Trademark

  • Application for Filing Patent

  • Application for Filing Copyright

  • Application for Filing Design

Module 6. – Introduction, Handling Business Law and Paralegal

  • Introduction and types of company

  • Incorporation of the company under Companies Act 2013

  • Kinds of Legal Entities

  • Registrar of Companies & Legal Compliances

  • Introduction to Digital Signatures & DIN

  • Merger and Acquisition of the companies

Module 7. – Paralegal Management for Banking, Insurance & Finance matter

  • Introduction to Banking, insurance and finance

  • Basic information about Finance & Accounts

  • Fair Debt Collections Process in India

  • Loan Documentation Support

  • Insurance Claims and Support (Life and General insurance)

Module 8. – Introduction to Real Estate Records

  • Law and Real Estate

  • Real Estate Documentations

  • Registration process for Real Estate

  • Procurement of Certified Copies from Registrar’s office

  • Carrying Due Diligence at Registrar Office

Module 9. – Paralegal at Legal Process Outsourcing

  • Introduction to LPO and legal databases

  • Types of projects under LPO

  • Online Piracy Handling, E-Discovery

  • Needs and requirements of LPO